Dear Members,

Maintaining CPD points is now a common practice among professionals world over. Possessing a valid CPD certificate issued at the national level will give you recognition by professional bodies overseas and will help to obtain jobs or postgraduate training posts in foreign countries. The NCPD certificate will help to protect you against litigation if your skills or knowledge is challenged in a court of law.

The Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) and Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) have decided to introduce National Continuing Professional Development(NCPD) programme to improve the professional standards among doctors of this country. Specialists or postgraduate trainees of a particular field should enter this programme through their respective professional bodies(their colleges).


The Sri Lanka College of Haematologists(SLCH) announced the commencement of the NCPD programme on 29th January 2011 at the Annual General Meeting(AGM) of SLCH.

Is it compulsory?

  • It is not compulsory and is not linked to the renewal of registration with the SLMC
  • It only indicates that you have engaged in regular CPD activities.
  • It is an essential part of accepted good professional practice 

What you should do:

  • Apply to the college for registration (Form is attached).
  • Once the college registers you. SLCH will give you a registration number .
  • Start collecting your CPD points according to guidelines below (point system) Eg: Outcome 1, 2, 3 etc.
  • Doctors are expected to score 50 points during the next 12 calendar months from the date of registration. At least 50% should be from your specialized area. You are expected to cover at least 03 outcome categories.

Record keeping

  • You should keep your own record of your CPD activities
  • Decide to which of the five outcome categories any CPD acivity belongs to and allocate correct amount of points yourself.
  • Use A4 size photocopies of the form attached (Annex 01-personal learning log) to record each CPD activity indicating the outcome category number( at the top) and CPD points claimed. .(02 EXAMPLES are attached sample1,sample 2)
  • Make your portfolio by binding such A4 copies(above) with the proof for each activity (photocopies of certificates/attendance sheets etc.) when you finish collecting 50 points in one year.
  • Attach the summary (annex 02) as the first page of the portfolio
  • submit your portfolio to the CPD committee, SLCH .

What is a portfolio?

  • CPD portfolio is a collection of evidence of your CPD activities.
  • Physically it is a collection of A4 size sheets, each with a record of a CPD activity, bound together preferable in a ring binder file.
  • The Committee will go through it and send it to SLMA NCCPDIM(National Centre for continuing professional Development in Medicine), who will issue the NCCPD certificate to the college. SLCH will in turn send it to you.
  • The registered members are expected to submit portforlios annually. Currently the NCCPDIM issues NCCPD certificate annually.
  • Registration form to be sent by registered post to;

Sri Lanka College of Haematologists,
No 06, Wijerama House
Wijerama Mawatha
Colombo 07

  • The envelop should read at its left hand corner In block letters.

The point system was devised by the SLMA and SLMC together with all colleges. This has been revised in 2017.

Credit point scheme:-

  • All CPD activities are categorized under five different objectives/outcomes.
  • Each CPD activity is entitled to a certain number of points and you decide on it yourself according to guidelines.
  • You need to score fifty credit points in one year in order to obtain the National Continuing Professional Development Certificate (NCPDC).